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  • 07/18/2016
    The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

    Want to grow your business faster? Start outsourcing your most tedious back-office tasks.

  • 07/13/2016
    Friedman Promotes Six to Principal and Three to Director

    Friedman LLP is delighted to announce the promotion of six professionals to principal and three to director, effective July 1, 2016.  Reflective of the depth and breadth of Friedman's services, these accomplished professionals specialize in a wide array of areas. They are based across our New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania offices. Promoted...

  • 07/07/2016
    Global Commerce 101: A Primer on the Int’l Tax Issues

    The opportunities for small and midsized businesses to sell overseas comes with a number of pitfalls as well as benefits. Partner Ryan Dudley provided his insight on global commerce, discussing value-added tax, foreign bank account tax compliance, creating nexus in foreign jurisdictions, and more. To read the full article, click...

  • 07/06/2016
    Ask the CPA
    By Stuart A. Katz, Senior Tax Manager

    Q: It has come to my attention that the Pennsylvania Capital Stock Tax was eliminated. Does my business need to file a final return for 2015?

  • 07/06/2016
    Ask the CPA
    By Jerome R. Glickman, Director

    Q: I am approaching full retirement age (66) for claiming Social Security benefits. Is the “file and suspend” Social Security claiming strategy still available and is it worthwhile?

  • 07/06/2016
    Ask the CPA
    By Kirsten Flanagan, Partner

    Q: How can a company prevent losses from fraud?

  • 07/06/2016
    Ask the CPA
    By Denise McKnight, Partner

    Q: Our office is moving and we are purging files. How long do we need to retain our payroll and accounting source documents?

  • 07/06/2016
    Ask the CPA
    By Susanne Spinell-Shuster, Director-in-Charge

    Q: As the business owner of a growing company, when is it the right time to outsource my accounting and other financial matters?

  • 07/06/2016
    Susanne Spinell-Shuster Selected as a Finalist for 2016 Smart CEO Award

  • 07/06/2016
    Ambiguities in IRS Country-By-Country Rules May Cause Woes

    The IRS’ final regulations requiring multinational corporations to report financial data for all jurisdictions they operate in was the topic of a recent Law 360 article. Partner Ryan Dudley commented on companies’ concerns about their information becoming public. To read the full article, click here....

  • 06/30/2016
    SmartCEO Mentorship, Sponsored by Friedman LLP

    SmartCEO and Friedman LLP gathered a group of Philadelphia-area Brava winners to discuss how mentors have shaped their careers. Panelists shared the most valuable advice they have received from mentors. SmartCEO and Friedman LLP also asked the executives to weigh in on how they bridge the communication gaps in a...

  • 06/29/2016
    Harrod’s to Launch 23 Exclusive Timepieces from Horological Mainstays

    Sharing his expertise in the high-end jewelry space with Luxury Daily, Partner Eric Tunis weighed in on Harrods’s exclusive luxury watch campaign. Eric discussed that the right promotional campaign can help retailers—and the broader industry—and commented on the shift in consumer spending habits post-2008. To read the full article, click here....

  • 06/28/2016
    Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Options for tax reform are legion — the missing ingredient is leadership

  • 06/28/2016
    States Band Together In ABLE Market Experiment

    ABLE plans are a new type of 529 vehicle that help people with disabilities and their families pay qualified expenses. The vehicle became possible thanks to the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014. David McKelvey sat down with Money Management Intelligence to discuss discrepancies in who can use...

  • 06/22/2016
    Why Father's Day Is a Fine Time to Consider Custody Options

    A will clarifies your intentions and protects your family from both creditors and their own spending habits -- but only if it's in place. Tax practice partner, Kim Dula sat down with The Street to discuss the importance of updating wills over time as financial circumstances change, as well as...

  • 06/22/2016
    Kermit Washington Story Has Lessons For Donors Founders And Boards

    In light of recent fraud allegations against NBA veteran Kermit Washington for activities involving his charity, Friedman partner and not-for-profit service leader Amish Mehta shared insights with Forbes--discussing guidelines on the responsibilities of board members and guidance to donors on performing due diligence before giving to a charity. To read...

  • 06/21/2016
    Why Standard Chartered Shut Down Its Diamond Unit

    Harriet Greenberg, Co-Managing Partner and Eric Tunis, Partner, sat down with National Jeweler to weigh in on Standard Chartered’s recent decision to exit from the diamond business—concluding there is too much risk for too little return in the sector-- and the state of financing in the industry. To read the...

  • 06/21/2016
    Tax Planning Goes On Steroids

    The OECD’s “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” principles are being incorporated into tax laws in some nations, requiring more transparency from corporate treasury departments. Ryan Dudley, partner for the international tax services group, sat down with Global Finance to discuss tax planning and Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). To...

  • 06/21/2016
    Susanne Spinell-Shuster Appeared on Alive Radio Show

    Networking is a powerful marketing tactic for both individuals and businesses. Friedman Director-in-Charge, Susanne Spinell-Shuster sat down with Fatima Peters, host of Alive Radio Show, to discuss creating business opportunities in the Philadelphia area. Click here to listen to the interview....

  • 06/21/2016
    Diane Gitto and Susan Miano Named NJCPA Women of Note

    Join us in congratulating Friedman partners Diane Gitto as a ‘Woman of Note’ finalist by the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) and Susan Miano for being named as an honorable mention. The NJCPA recognizes women for displaying strong participation, accounting profession involvement and community service dedication. To learn more, click here....

  • 06/09/2016
    5 Tips for Complying with Country-by-Country Tax Reporting

    Why are the newly mandated country-by-country tax reporting mechanisms raising “how-to” questions for business leaders? Ryan Dudley, partner for the international tax services group sits down with Law 360 to explore this topic and more to provide tips for meeting the requirements of country-by-country reporting. To read the full article,...

  • 06/03/2016
    How to Use Self-Employment to Cut Your Taxes in Retirement

    Your side hustle will bring in extra income, but it may also allow you to deduct health care premiums and business expenses. Bob Charron, Tax Practice Leader, sits down with U.S. News & World Report to discuss how self-employment allows for deductions like health insurance and the importance of engaging...

  • 06/03/2016
    Could Paisley Park become a Prince museum? Maybe not

    Bob Charron sat down with U.S. World & News Report to discuss the importance of estate planning for individuals that pass away – the importance of a will and planning for items like estate taxes when it comes to an individual's assets. To read the full article, click here....

  • 06/03/2016
    Friedman: Tenants need to start prepping for lease accounting changes

    Fred Berk, Co-Managing Partner and Real Estate Practice Leader, sat down with Real Estate Finance & Investment to share more about leases and how changes in the accounting industry may have an impact.  Tenants in commercial properties need to start preparing for new rules for lease accounting that will change the...

  • 06/03/2016
    When To Rely On Corp. Counsel And When To Retain Your Own
    By Randall M. Paulikens, CPA, ABV, CFF, CITP, Partner

    Randall Paulikens, partner with Friedman’s FLVS practice, contributed an article to Law 360, sharing the importance of having counsel when legal issues in the workplace arise. Law360, New York (June 3, 2016, 11:37 AM ET) -- In the midst of an increased emphasis in Washington (including from the U.S. Department of Justice...

  • 04/25/2016
    Friedman LLP Ranked Among Top 3 Best Places to Work in NJ by NJBIZ

    For another consecutive year, Friedman is ranked among the top places to work in New Jersey by NJBIZ. This year, the firm is ranked #3 best place to work in NJ for top large companies. We continue to be honored by this recognition and consideration by NJBIZ....

  • 04/21/2016
    Friedman LLP Survey of Business Leaders on Tax Issues Has Surprising Results

    Forbes sat down with Friedman’s Mike Greenwald and Kim Dula to discuss Friedman’s recent research into business leaders’ sentiments regarding proposed tax changes as we approach the 2016 Election. To read the full article, click here....

  • 04/21/2016
    ‘Quill in States’ Crosshairs as New Nexus Standards Enacted

    More states are joining the fight to overturn the 23 year old nexus standard under Quill. Tom Corrie sits down with Bloomberg BNA to discuss how states and retailers are looking for a uniform, simplified solution on taxability of remote retailers, whether through Supreme Court or Congress. To read the...

  • 04/21/2016
    MLP Investors’ Maze of Tax Trouble Keeps Getting Worse

    Investors learned the hard way that energy MLPs—set up to shield companies from Uncle Sam—could have unexpected tax consequences when times get tough. Now they are finding out that efforts to escape those impacts could have tax consequences of their own. Mike Greenwald, Corporate and Business Tax Practice Leader and...

  • 04/21/2016
    Back to Normal? Closing out a season marked by less drama, and the usual hurdles

    As we move into the home stretch of tax season, the general verdict of practitioners seems to be that there have been no huge surprises or speed bumps thus far in 2016 — which isn’t the same thing as saying that it was easy. Jo Anna M. Fellon, Tax Practice...

  • 04/21/2016
    Harris Devor Sits Down with Executive Leaders Radio

    Executive Leaders Radio interviews Philadelphia CEOs, managing partners and top executives about their professional lives and experiences to share key takeaways and lessons they’ve learned along the way. To listen to Harris’ full interview, click here. (Listen in at the 44 minute mark)...

  • 04/05/2016
    GuideStar Nonprofit Webinar Presented by Friedman: How a Performance Dashboard Can Engage and Inform Your Board

    Friedman’s Amish Mehta, Not-for-Profit Practice Leader, and Peter Manzetti, Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services, presented this Guidestar webinar for nonprofit board members and senior management. This program is geared towards not-for-profits who are thinking about implementing a dashboard or just starting down the path. Our professionals give an...

  • 03/30/2016
    Survey Finds Business Leaders Are Concerned With Proposed Tax Changes as Election Approaches, Revealing 6 Key Insights

    New York – March 30, 2016 – A survey* undertaken by Friedman LLP Accountants and Advisors reveals senior business leaders’ concerns continue to heighten over proposed tax changes. The research confirms that while senior business leaders would like to take advantage of state, local and international tax savings, there is...

  • 03/21/2016
    Women's Development Network at Friedman LLP

    Harriet Greenberg, co-managing partner, sits down with Accounting Today to discuss the Women’s Development Network at Friedman LLP. Listen in as they discuss the importance of mentorship, career advancement and continuing education. To listen to the full podcast, click here....

  • 03/21/2016
    You May Be Paying More in Taxes Than You Actually Owe

    Ever felt like you’re paying too much in taxes? You might be. Bob Charron, partner in Friedman LLP’s tax practice, sits down with Grow Magazine to discuss tax credits that you may not know exist. To read the full article, click here....

  • 03/21/2016
    Sales Tax Collection By Out of State Vendors May End Up At Supreme Court Again

    Tom Corrie, State and Local Tax practice leader, discusses how direct marketing and internet sales connect to state and local tax. He sat down with Peter J. Reilly of Forbes to discuss this topic and more. To read the full article, click here. ...

  • 03/11/2016
    The Art of Engaging Clients in Asia

    Each country is different when it comes to client relationships. Eddie Wong, Partner and Asia Practice leader, sat down with East West Magazine to discuss his experiences working with clients in the U.S. and Asia. “The Hong Kong and the U.S. systems are very similar,” said Eddie Wong, a partner...

  • 03/11/2016
    Partnership Audit Comment Request Could Show IRS Priorities

    If you're looking for clues about how the IRS will approach regulations for the new regime for partnership audits, you might want to look at how the agency ordered questions in a recent notice. The Internal Revenue Service asked for comments in the March 4 notice about the new rules...

  • 03/11/2016
    How Much Can You Save by Moving to a Low-Tax State?

    Think you've escaped a huge tax bill by heading to a tax-free state or another country? It all depends what your old state considers your domicile. Tom Corrie, principal with Friedman LLP, sat down with The Street to discuss change of domicile and what does and does not constitute it...

  • 03/11/2016
    WOR Financial Quarterback with Kim Dula

    Kim Dula, partner with Friedman LLP, sits down with WOR radio and the Financial Quarterback radio show to discuss shared responsibility payments and potential tax penalties in 2016. To listen to the full radio show, click here....

  • 03/04/2016
    Friedman LLP Ranked Among Top 25 Accounting Firms in Philadelphia

    We are proud to announce that Friedman LLP was ranked among the top 25 accounting firms in Philadelphia by the Philadelphia Business Journal. Our firm was ranked 22 of 25 on the list....

  • 02/29/2016
    Susanne Spinell-Shuster Elected to the Forum of Executive Women

    The Forum of Executive Women is a membership organization of over 425 women of influence in the Greater Philadelphia region, whose members hold top positions in every major segment of the community. The Forum selects and recognizes female leaders in their designated fields that have been established as influencers. Join...

  • 02/29/2016
    Denise McKnight Recognized as One of Philly Biz’s 25 Women to Watch

    A partner at Friedman LLP, with nearly 20 years of experience in public accounting, we are proud to announce our very own Denise McKnight has been recognized as a Philly Biz Woman to Watch in 2016. Please join us in congratulating Denise on this honor! To read the full article,...

  • 02/18/2016
    Friedman LLP Honored As One of NJBIZ 2016 Best Places to Work

    We are proud to share Friedman LLP has been ranked among the NJBIZ Best Places to Work for another consecutive year in 2016! We are ranked among other large companies throughout New Jersey. For more information, click here....

  • 02/17/2016
    Banking on Exports

    Financing your exporting can pay for itself, but only if you choose countries where the export climate is favorable. In some countries, the economics currently work against U.S. exporters. Eddie Wong sits down with Global Trade Magazine to discuss manufacturers in China and the U.S. To read the full article,...

  • 02/11/2016
    The Financial Quarterback Talks Taxes

    WOR radio’s Financial Quarterback show sat down with Friedman LLP partner, David McKelvey, to discuss tax tips and write-offs that many taxpayers may not be aware of. Listen in here as David shares some relevant tax tips....

  • 02/11/2016
    The Taxability of Oscars Gift Bags

    Did you know that when celebrities take home a swanky gift bag, they also get a tax bill from the IRS? Robert Charron, Friedman LLP partner, sat down with U.S. News & World Report and Newsweek to discuss the tax implications that exist for stars taking home these award ‘giveaways.’...

  • 02/05/2016
    6 Retirement Strategies to Minimize Taxes and Preserve Your Nest Egg

    You’ve spent decades planning and saving for retirement and the time has come. Now what? David McKelvey, Partner, shares that there are tax optimization strategies to preserve the value of your nest egg. Read the full article on by clicking here. ...

  • 02/05/2016
    Financial Factors to Consider

    South Jersey’s financial leaders take a look at 2015’s success and challenges, while looking ahead to what’s to come in 2016. Carl Bagell shares what he sees coming around the pike when it comes to accounting in 2016. To read the full article excerpt, click here. ...