Eric M. Freeman

Eric M. Freeman

Managing Director of Solutions and Services | CyZen

One Liberty Plaza
165 Broadway, Floor 21
New York, NY 10006
p 212.897.6451
f  212.842.7001

Eric Freeman is a Managing Director of Solutions and Services at CyZen, a Friedman LLP company. His experience is focused on providing tailored cybersecurity solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises as well as start-ups. While Eric has consulted with organizations across a breadth of sectors, he specializes in providing services in emerging industries - identifying risks from both inside and outside an organization, handling response, managing assets and responding to emerging trends in cybersecurity. Additionally, Eric holds certifications from both the Cryptocurrency Consortium and the Blockchain Concil.


Eric’s highly personalized approach helps clients make sense of cybersecurity, which allows them to create long lasting infrastructural procedures to help prevent future attacks.

Eric’s expertise includes:

  • Conducting security risk assessments, which allows clients to understand and improve their overall security posture
  • Monitoring client environments to prevent and mitigate threats on a day-to-day basis, which frees up time for clients to focus on the business goals that matter most to them
  • Leading security assessments and implementation of best practices for Digital Currency organizations and blockchain technology users
  • Launching immediate incident response to breached businesses to prevent further damage that can compromise clients’ systems and networks

Outside the Office

A passionate foody, Eric has worked on several sides of the restaurant industry from line cook to restaurant entrepreneur. Eric enjoys the arts as a musician who plays both the baritone and alto saxophone, guitar and bass. Eric also works part-time as a voice actor.