Howard  R. Weidner

Howard R. Weidner

CPA, CITP, Director of Audit Technologies

Howard Weidner is a director of audit technologies, bringing nearly 30 years of finance and IT experience to his role. Prior to Friedman, Howard was a staff specialist and IT consultant who helped professional service firms harness the power of technology to achieve greater organizational and operational efficiency.


  • Establishing and maintaining procedures for compliance with PCAOB/SEC document retention guidelines
  • Implementing fraud detection procedures, which employ data mining programs
  • Interrogating large-volume data across a variety of formats
  • Selecting and implementing audit and tax software packages, which include ProSystem fx Engagement and Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis Software (IDEA)
  • Adhering to the development of and compliance with paperless engagement policies and procedures
  • Applying automated systems of documentation, financial records compilation and inventory management